Topic 3:


  1. Please answer the Self-Reflection questions below as honestly as possible. All answers will remain confidential.
  2. After you have submitted your completed Self-Reflection, you can click on the CONTINUE or NEXT LESSON button to proceed to the next lesson.

Please start by thinking about when you first committed identity theft…

  • What was going on in your life at the time?
  • Why do you think you did it?
  • Did you think you could get away with it indefinitely?
  • Did you ever think you’d be right here, right now, taking this online course?

We hope we can help you think about yourself, your choices, your life, and the path you’ve been on and the choice-point you now face which can alter your future… for better or worse.

Now please answer the questions below:

    How often did you engage in identity theft?
    OnceA few times over the last monthA few times over the last yearsMore than a few times over the last month or yearPretty regularly and for quite a a while

    What were your reasons for identity theft?
    I didn't think I was hurting anyoneI thought there was low risk of getting caughtI needed quick easy moneyAll of the aboveOther reason(s)

    Have you been caught before AND, if so, did you tell yourself (or others) that you'd learned your lesson and would never do this again?
    No and noYes and noYes and told myself I wouldn't steal again but not othersYes and told others I wouldn't steal again but didn't mean itYes and told myself and others and meant it

    If you did get caught and told yourself and/or others you'd learned your lesson but stole again but stole again, what do you think happened that you didn't keep your word?
    I'm not sureI had money problems and felt I needed to stealIt was just too temptingTime passed and I'd forgotten about the consequencesOther reason(s)

    Was committing identity theft worth it despite the consequences?
    YesNoNot sure

    If you could turn back the hands of time, would you have made different choices?
    I'd have thought about the potential consequences moreI'd have just told myself stealing is wrong even if I thought I could get away with itI'd have talked to someone to get help with my feelings or issuesAll of the aboveNone of the above

    What do you think is most likely to happen if you continue to commit identity theft?
    I will get tired of it and quit before I get caught--againI am going to become a professional thief and will get rich enough to retireI will be all right, I will only do it every now and then when I can get away with itI will likely get caught--again and feel as stressed and down on myself as everI will get incarcerated, have trouble finding work, and having healthy relationships

    After you submit your self-reflection, take a minute to think about what, if anything, you’ve learned about yourself. DO NOT proceed to the next lesson until you have submitted your completed self-reflection above.