Checklist for Success

When making a decision, it can be helpful to use a planning guide or worksheet. Learn more about how to create your Checklist for Success and then scroll down and click the CONTINUE button to proceed to the final exam. (If there is not a continue button, this means that you have already marked this final lesson complete. You can access your final exam using the sidebar course navigation.)

Analytically Created Schemas (ACS)

Analytically created schemas (ACS) are fill-in-the-blank guides or checklists that identify and illustrate paths to decisions. Many professionals use ACSs on a regular basis, including:
  • Teacher worksheets
  • Procedure worksheets for engineers
  • Planning guides used by event planners

The WORKIT Model

The WORKIT model is a quick checklist that has been developed to aid in effective decision making. The model, as described in Improving Adolescent Judgement and Decision Making, works as a guide to help individuals identify and deal with difficult situations.

Example Scenario

In one documented training application adolescents work through a hypothetical scenario where they are allowed to leave residential substance abuse treatment on a 4-hour pass home. Their parents have invited family members over, including two cousins with whom the client used to use drugs. It’s expected that they will have illicit substances with them, which may be tempting to the client.

As adolescents work through the scenario, they identify the problem, explore potential options for dealing with social pressure, consider various perspectives (e.g., mother’s views if they choose not to come home or if she is told of the cousins’ use), and potential outcomes of the decision (e.g., rejection by cousins if refuse, self-efficacy for withstanding peer pressure).

Download WORKIT PDF to help you with future decision making
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